Tekkwi vs Uber in Jamaica

It was recently announced that Uber Technologies plans to launch their mobile app in Kingston, Jamaica. As one of the fastest growing rideshare companies in the Caribbean, learn how Tekkwi fares against Uber in Jamaica. Here’s for start: Tekkwi drivers retain a higher percentage of their earnings!

tekkwi: the reasonable approach to rideshare

Operating in following cities:

Montego Bay

Accepting rides – May 2021

Ocho Rios

Coming soon – Summer 2021


Coming soon – Summer 2021

Uber in Jamaica?

Based out of San Francisco, California, Uber Technologies is one of the largest publicly traded rideshare companies in the world with approximately 100 million installed applications. Unlike the many who attempt to imitate Uber, Tekkwi strives to establish it’s own path in the rideshare community by practicing principles and concepts that are unique to our company and culture. The Tekkwi mobile app was diligently designed with advanced safety features

Why Tekkwi?

Headquartered in Clearwater, Florida, Tekkwi Inc. is one of the fastest growing rideshare companies in the Caribbean. With a reasonable approach to rideshare: the Tekkwi app was developed to create the ultimate user experience while traveling and beyond! One of our concepts are simple and well-beloved: reasonable pricing. Using a pay per person concept when booking a taxi is outdated. It is not reasonable for anyone to pay per person to travel with an unrated driver. 

Eliminate the hassle and download the Tekkwi app, where riders can book an Eco ride for a set price that covers up to 4 people. Passengers can view an accurate fare estimate, pay for their trip and view valuable information about their upcoming driver (driver’s photo, vehicle, license plate number and rating)



Taxi/Company Driver

Become a Tekkwi Driver

When it comes to taking care of their drivers, Tekkwi is at the forefront.  The Tekkwi Driver app creates unlimited earning potential for the self-assertive individual who wants to earn extra cash! We believe in putting the power in your hands. Earn extra cash on your spare time. Part-time? Full-time? The choice is yours, as every approved driver in the Tekkwi community sets their own schedule. Tekkwi drivers can earn additional income by connecting with local residents and tourist.

Embracing Change

We live in an everchanging world where technology knows no limits.  The idea of Uber coming to Jamaica has been met with cheers and pessimistic forecasts, but the truth remains the same: we need technology to continue to advance and push boundaries for the betterment of society. While most shy away from the idea of competing with a global brand like Uber, Tekkwi is up for the challenge.  Our apps were developed with cutting-edge technology to provide drivers and riders with a safe and efficient way to travel. 

The Tekkwi app also allows riders to view their fare estimate and estimated time of arrival before book their trip. Contact your driver through our in-app chat message feature without having to share your personal phone number.