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Located in Clearwater, Florida, Tekkwi Inc. was created as an avenue that will save riders money while others can sign up and earn an income. Tekkwi relates with the everyday consumer, local and tourist alike, who are in need of safe and affordable means of transportation. Tekkwi is the reasonable rideshare service, not a taxi courier or an extension thereof. Our drivers are thoroughly vetted and subjected to continuous global and national background checks so our riders can book a ride with a peace of mind. We believe in empowerment and giving back which is why our commission fee is amongst the lowest in the industry. Our consumers, Tekkwi driver and riders, are considered our partners and together we keep the cost of transportation low while creating lifestyles. Economies will grow as now the everyday responsible, hardworking, self-motivated individuals who qualify will have the opportunity to connect with local riders and tourist like never before.  Tekkwi also offers frequent giveaways and promotions to our drivers and riders. Admit it: we’re a big deal.

Save Money on Rides

Riders can expect to save money when requesting a ride through Tekkwi.

Find a Ride 24/7

Whether your out socializing with friends or requesting a ride to work: we got you covered.

Safe & Secure Payment

Riders pay for their ride in advance with a debit or credit card. A safer alternative to exchanging cash at the end of a ride.

Drivers Earn More

Our commission rates are among the lowest in the rideshare industry. Tekkwi Drivers retain more than 80% of the fares for each ride they complete.

Quick Payouts

Drivers will receive their weekly earnings in 1-2 days via PayPal.


Tekkwi offers frequent promotions and giveaways. Follow our social media pages to learn more.

What our customers think

"After a night out having drinks it's good to know I can request a Tekkwi Driver to get me home safely. ”
Sara J.
Miami, FL
"This is exactly what the Caribbean needed. I'm excited to use a reliable rideshare app like Tekkwi!"
John M.
Brooklyn, NY
"I look forward to using the Tekkwi for my business commutes. Requesting a ride has never been easier.”
Idalys R.
Toronto, CA

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